Tab Resize Automates resizing tab windows to predefined and user defined layouts

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I am generally running 2 applications next to each other on my 1920×1080 monitor. Usually, it is 2 internet browsers that I have aligned next to each other, one that displays the WordPress admin interface, and the other that I use for research while I focus on the first.

There’s an alternative choice though that internet browser plug-ins have introduced: splitting multiple internet sites so they are available at the same time in the browser. The concept here’s to operate in a single window that displays several internet sites at the same time.

This really makes sense if you’re working on a high resolution monitor and a single app window, as you might end up with a lot of unused space otherwise.

Firefox users can for example make use of Tile Tabs that enables them to do just that, and Chrome users have extensions including Tab Scissor that splits the window quickly in 2.

The Chrome extension Tab Re-size adds similar features to the Google Chrome internet browser. But rather than aligning several tabs in a single window, it aligns multiple windows of Chrome the way you would like them to be.

Tab Resize – split screen layouts

When you’ve set up the extension in the Chrome web browser you will see that it did add an icon to the browser’s address bar. A click the icon shows 5 split screen patterns that you can switch between.

Only click on a pattern here to spawn multiple Chrome windows and have them aligned in the selected way. Note that it’ll only use the chosen tab and the tabs to the right of it when it comes to layout, design change. What this signifies is that you might end up with no new windows if you’ve chosen the last tab in the web browser’s tab bar when you’re invoking the feature.

If there aren’t enough tabs available, the extension will only use the ones which are there for the performance. It might happen that the current internet browser window is just moved to the first selected window location of the pattern, however that no other windows are spawned due to a lack of tabs for that.

You are able to choose 1 of the standard patterns, or click on the custom button in the interface to generate your custom one. Here you choose many rows and columns you would like it to have and hit the save button afterwards. The new pattern gets available in the pattern selection menu next to enable you to make use of it there.

There’s unfortunately no choice to remove existing patterns from the extension. This would be useful as it doesn’t actually make sense to keep patterns listed in the menu that you never use.

Closing Words

The Tab Resize extension for Chrome is helpful for users who would like to work with several Chrome windows aligned next to each other. While it is surely easy to do that by hand by resizing and moving windows on the desktop, it’s more comfy if you work with the extension for that as it takes a single click to do so.

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