How to View Your Pictures on Apple TV 2nd Generation

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If you’ve a 2nd Generation Apple TV, you may be thinking how to view pictures from your pc or from an iPhone, iPad on the big screen! As with every Apple products, the world involves iTunes. You need to be sure you have iTunes installed on your Mac or your computer or both before we get started.To make an overview, we need to use Home Sharing in order to share pictures from a Mac or pc to an Apple TV. If you would like view pictures that are stored on your iPhone or iPad, you may use AirPlay, that works effectively and does not require any set up or configuration.Overall, it’s quite a easy procedure to see pictures on your Apple TV. First thing we need to do is to enable Home Sharing. Open iTunes and click on Advanced from the menu bar. Go on and click on Turn on Home Sharing.

Go on and type in your Apple username and password then click the Create Home Share button.

That’s it for home sharing. Now you’ve to select what images you want to share with your Apple TV. To get this done, go ahead and click on Advanced again and click on Choose Photos to Share.

On a Mac, you’ll get the Photo Sharing Preferences dialog that instantly defaults to iPhoto, that is packaged with all Mac computer systems. You may either leave this as it’s or you can select a specific folder if you’d like. If using iPhoto, you have the choice of sharing all events or selecting personally.

Note that if you have a lot of pictures, i.e. 20,000+ pictures, you might run into a problem getting your pictures to in fact load on your Apple TV. Unsurprisingly, there are several people whose libraries basically will not load on the Apple TV due to the size. The Apple TV has 8GB of storage space and will try to load the entire library into memory. Therefore libraries with over 20,000 pictures seems to never load. You are able to work around this for the time being by choosing particular events to share rather than the whole library.

When you have turned on picture sharing from iTunes, see your Apple TV and go the Computers. Presently there you need to see the library you’ve shared. When you open the library, you will notice the option for Pictures at the very bottom.

Note that you may also have iTunes installed on multiple pc’s and share pictures from each of those computers to your Apple TV. All of you need to do is be sure to create the home share using the same username and password on each computer. So it’s very easy to see pictures from your Mac and your Computer on your Apple TV. That’s it!

If you run into any issues or can not get your pictures showing up on your Apple TV, post a comment here with your setup and I’ll try to help. Enjoy!


  1. Have done everything listed here and My Apple TV Gen 2 keeps repeating the same message: To view photos, open iTunes on your computer, then choose “Choose Photos to Share” from the advanced menu.

    I’m using an iMac with 10.7.1. I was able to make it view photos within a folder, but not my iPhoto library. I have about 13K photos in the library. I’ve tried sharing just one folder within the library but it doesn’t make a difference, same message from the Apple TV.

    I’ve rebooted both the iMac and Apple TV, run repair permissions. Can’t figure out what else I’m doing wrong.

  2. Followed all instructions and am getting same message as Jon S. I have never seen any photos no matter which folder I choose, though (PC).

  3. I don’t have an Apple TV, but am considering it… I was wondering if I add more pics on the shared folder, will the apple TV update available pics automatically, or do I have to reselect computer library again?

    I am thinking of having the Apple TV play a slideshow of the shared pictures and I would like to add new content and have the slideshow play the updated pictures without any user intervention, if this is possible.

    thanks for any info

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