How to Stop Loading the Internet Explorer Webpage As a Homepage

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Chances are excellent that Internet Explorer’s default home page is not really the first place you would like to go when you launch IE9. If this is the case, changing your home-page to anything you want is easy in 9. It’s even practical to generate your own Internet Explorer homepage blank, if you want — or set many homepages to open in tabs when you start Internet Explorer 9.

As an example, if you manually open a weather forecast, regional newspaper, and Online e-mail when you start IE 9, it is possible to adjust settings to have IE open them for you instead

1. Click on the gear icon all the way to the right on the IE9 taskbar. From this menu, choose “Internet Options.”

2. Navigate to your tab marked “General” to create a homepage. You’re able to specify the page you are actually on, or you may type a URL into the box yourself. If you would like to set multiple home pages to open in many tabs, enter each URL on a new line within the URL box.

3. Click the “Apply” button at the end of this screen to apply your adjustments before you close this screen.

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