How to Delete Yahoo Axis Web Browser from Computer

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Yahoo introduced axis as a new way to search and browse and i downloaded  desktop version of yahoo axis. Yahoo Axis offers a faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews. But i could not see a faster, smarter search browser experiences.

How to remove Yahoo axis from computer

Now i need help, i set up it, but i can not use, it placed left bottom corner of screen, and i cannot close it. I decided to remove, but i can not  find where the set up or uninstall files. This is really a bad situation, it effects my search and  navigation experiences. In that point, the question is How to remove Yahoo Axis from computer, from firefox, from chrome, from internet explorer? I need help, I do not use Yahoo Axis. I think do not download it, chrome and firefox is better than Yahoo Axis.

Besides, when i learned to remove Yahoo Axis browser from my computer, I will write an explanatory post here.

Update 03 June 2012: The solution that i have found, i deleted firefox from my computer and reinstall it again. When you delete internet browser, Yahoo Axis will be gone also. Then install firefox again, you will not see Yahoo Axis left side of your internet browser any more. Goog luck.



  1. caevenagh says:

    Hi, I found this link over the internet and I think it will help you. I can’t copy all details here since they are not my ideas but they have helped me a great deal. thanks sociolatte. for mozilla, go to tools – ad ons- extensions- then remove the axis ad on.

    I would not recommend it to anybody after it slowed my browser within the first 30 seconds of installation.

    good luck

  2. IraqHeart says:

    “How to Delete Yahoo Axis Web Browser?

    1. Uninstall on iOS Safari (MAC, iPad or iPhone)
    Go to Safari preferences
    Click on the puzzle piece on top and choose Extensions
    Find Yahoo Axis on the left column
    Tap Uninstall
    You’re done

    2. Chrome – uninstall from your Chrome browser
    Click on the wrench icon (top left)
    Find Yahoo Axis and then uncheck the box next to enabled
    You’re done.

    3. Firefox – Uninstall or remove from Firefox

    At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), and then click Add-ons.
    In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions or Appearance or Plugins panel.
    Select Yahoo Axis.
    Click the Disable button.

    4. IE
    Manage Add-ons
    Choose Yahoo Axis
    Click on Disable

    Hope this helps please let us know and continue this discussion in the comments section below.

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