How to Find a Lost Android Phone

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A lost or stolen mobile phone isn’t a good thing, and retrieving a lost mobile phone can be hugely hard. Well, maybe not as very difficult anymore, because there’s an app for that. If you are an Android mobile phone owner, there is really a program that will permit you to track your lost or stolen phone, even if the computer software itself hasn’t been recently installed on the phone.

The App Plan B, available in the Google android Marketplace, utilizes remote install technology and Gmail to locate Android based smartphones on the market after they have been stolen, even if no security/lost mobile phone software has been installed beforehand. Here’s an overview of how Plan B for Android operates.

Install Plan B onto a lost or stolen Android based smart phone, remotely within the Android Marketplace.
Upon effective install, Plan B will automatic launch and send an e-mail to your Gmail address that contain the phone’s location.
After ten minutes, the phone may be tracked again by texting the phrase locate to the lost smart phone.
Plan B will e-mail one more message to your Gmail inbox, with the phone’s updated location.

Even if a data connection isn’t available in the area, Plan B may switch modes and use mobile-originated SMS messages to send the area to your current email address.

There are many cases however, that Plan B might not work. If the cell phone’s battery is dead or the phone is totally powered off, Plan B wouldn’t be functional.

Presently Plan B has excellent ratings in the Android Marketplace, so if you have a lost or stolen phone, the app is certainly worth trying.

To begin with, navigate over to this page. Click the INSTALL button placed near the top left side of the screen.

You’ll be prompted to sign-in to your Android account. As mentioned above, you may use your Gmail account. Nevertheless, you must use the Gmail account that’s associated with the phone. With Android phones, a Gmail account is required, so login to that Gmail account when signing-in to Android Marketplace.
Next is complete, additional directions are provided from Android Marketplace, explaining how to to track the smart phone.

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