How to Customize the New Tab Feature in Google Chrome

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With all of the web browsers out there now, it’s hard to figure out which one to select and use; what’s worse, is once you select one, you need to figure out each of its features. That’s where we can help. Some of the cool latest features in Google Chrome is the ability to customize the New Tab feature. Here’s how you do it:

First of all, bring up Chrome if it isn’t running already; go to any web site you select; it doesn’t matter, then click the New Tab icon:

Clicking on it brings up the standard New Tab page that is divided into 3 sections.

First, is the Apps section:

This section is for showing Google Chrome apps that you’ve downloaded from the Google Apps Store. It runs pretty much similarly as Gadgets for Windows 7, i.e. once you click on Web Store, the Google Chrome Web Store web page loads, where you may browse through apps and download the ones you want:

The following section is the Most visited Section:

Google keeps track of which websites you visit frequently and keeps them here so you can just click on the one you prefer when you open a new tab.

The third section is named the Recently closed section:

Google lists the websites you’ve recently visited then closed and keeps them here so that you can get right back to them if you want.

Recognize how the first two sections have a little diamond next to their name; this is for displaying the section in minimized or blown up view. Initially the diamond is going towards the section name. If you expand the Apps section, it’s like this:

Note how a diamond is now pointing down; if you select it again, the Apps section will collapse back to what it was.

The Most visited section can be expanded or collapsed as well, it’s like this when expanded:

Next notice if you hover over either of these two mini-preview graphics above, how a menu appears above it:

The small icon on the left is a push-pin; clicking on it shows Google to keep that web page on the most visited list it doesn’t matter how how frequently you visit that page. Then, if you change your mind, you are able to just click on it again at some future date to let it go if you do not visit frequently anymore.

Another icon, the little “X” tells Google to never show that page on your most visited list.

Note: Google also usually displays the name of the internet site below the mini-preview graphic.

One final point you may change is the look of the New Tab page itself by changing the theme you select for your background. To change to another theme, click the little wrench on the upper right hand side of the Chrome screen:

You should have this drop-down menu:

Select Options to get the Options Pop-up menu, then click the Personal Stuff tab:

Next, click the Get themes link to launch the Google Chrome Themes Gallery:

Browse around till you see one you like, click on it, and the theme for your Chrome browser will upload and install itself.

Google has gone to great lengths to make having its Chrome browser quick and simple to use, customizing the New Tabs feature is not any exception.

After that, click on the Get themes link to launch the Google Chrome Themes Gallery:

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