Drupal 8- A Perfect Guideline on Installing it in Less than 5 Minutes

With ample number of releases ever since its introduction in the webmarket, Drupal8 has been winning over web developers across the globe. Backed by a rich history of over 200 new features and improvements introduced in the past couple of years, Drupal is all set to impress developers with its new version 8. If you too are a web developer, wanting to learn more about Drupal’s upcoming release then this is the blog that will tell you all. Here, in addition to some great insights on Drupal 8 features, you’ll get to know about the detailed set up and installation of Drupal 8 within a duration of less than five minutes.

Firstly, let’s have a look at some of the interesting features of Drupal 8

  • Multilingual capabilities

If its about deploying web presence for a global audience, Drupal 8 definitely serves as the best option. It not only allows you to translate system elements using the built-in user interface, but even allows you to build web pages using the Views language filtering feature. And that’s not all, with Drupal 8, you can receive all the software translation updates automatically from the diverse Drupal community.

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Create Cross-Platform Apps To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Create Cross-Platform Apps To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Indubitably, the advent of several mobile platforms has raised the bar of mobile development to a great extent. However, while offering versatility to both the users and developers, it also adds additional workload on the developers as, developing a single platform requires more efforts. And, this is where the concept of cross-platform mobile development serves an impeccable solution.

Let’s ponder what has made the multi-platform mobile development a much sought after choice for the enterprises and developers.

There are numerous benefits of creating a cross-platform mobile application. Here are some of them.

Offer a smart way for businesses: Multi-platform mobile development is a boon to businesses, as it allows them to target a huge market base by developing suitable applications at an affordable development cost. This is the reason why, it has become a viable choice (especially for the startup mobile development companies).

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Solely Banking on Responsive Web Design Won’t Suffice

Solely Banking on Responsive Web Design Won't Suffice

Over the last few years, there has been unprecedented growth in the adoption of mobile technology. Today people spend more time on the Internet via their Smartphone or tablet, rather than PCs. In fact, PC sale has declined considerably in the last few years and will continue to plummet in the coming years as well. According to Gartner, by 2015 tablets sale will overtake PCs sales. What’s more, IDC states than by 2017 the maximum number of sales will be done through Smartphones and tablets. These forecasts clearly suggest that we’re living in an era, wherein mobile devices are looked upon as the new “PC” devices.

Most of the business owners today realizes that the boom in Smartphones and tablets will open opportunities for business organizations looking to monetize. The problem however is that businesses today are merely focusing on the responsive web design (RWD), in order to make their business site optimized for mobile users. But solely considering RWD as the only solution for mobile isn’t right and won’t help you to monetize.

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How Tabs Make Your Website User-Friendly


The conflict between form and function is the stuff legends are made of. When it comes to the web design, the conflict further leaps into the sky and turns into an ire for webmasters who wish to broadcast every bit of information that represents their business, but don’t find a way to keep the clutter from crawling in. WordPress, as always, has the answers!

The Problem at Hand

Now, you are running a website that is filled with a lot of content, so to speak. How do you display it all without sending out a cluttered vibe? How can you make sure that there is a sense of structure to your site’s navigational structure and the user interface is clean and nonchalant?

Well, you don’t need blockbuster strategies, to begin with. You wish to out forth all the information for your audience’s consideration but don’t want the layout put them off.

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MultCloud: Manage Multiple Cloud Drives Together Online


MultCloud emerged at the right moment

Now is the big data era. All kinds of cloud drives are emerging in an endless stream. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, SugarSync, BaiDu, etc. More accounts, more trouble. How to manage them together? MultCloud emerged!

MultCloud, as the name suggests, is a multi-cloud manager. It is 100% FREE for using. It is only a web-based app now, so you don’t need to install any client or any plug-in when you using it. Where you can access your device to Internet, where you can enjoy MultCloud.

Nowadays many people have created several cloud service accounts for more storage space free to use. Or store different things in different cloud, which is a good habit. No matter why they own multiple cloud drive accounts, there is a question: how to manage them easily and effectively? MultCloud is designed to solve the problem. It makes able to manage its supported cloud drives in one place online. Or say, it combines them together. So then you can visit them with one login. All content in cloud drives can be seen from MultCloud’s interface. Besides cloud service, MultCloud also supports WebDav and FTP. So webmasters can manage data in WebDav and FTP from MultCloud directly.

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Tips to Find the Best JPEG to Word File Converter

People often work on different files and embark with posters and other graphic stuff. However, they end up committing trivial and major mistakes, which can cost their business or credibility in market. Instead of changing the entire stuff by replacing the same with other content, you can for sure make the changes in the original JPEG file by converting into the word format doing the required changes and making things better.

AJPEG to word file converter is a text recognition software, which can read the text via pdf, bmp, jpg, png, gif, and several other text formats with right spacing and text formatting solutions. Luckily, you have a number of software programs available in the market, however, when it comes to choosing the right one, it often becomes a daunting experience. So, when you are looking out for the best JPEG to word file converter, you need to rely on the following tips and tricks, discussed as under. Let’s check them out:

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DreamHost Abuse Team: Fight Spam and keep Your Network Healthy and off Blacklists

In an ongoing effort to fight spam and keep our network healthy and off blacklists we are reviewing accounts that we believe may have been potentially compromised. Your info@bxyzabc….net email user was detected exhibiting some aberrant behavior (such as multiple logins from multiple different countries, multiple unique IP addresses, and other indicators of malicious activity). We are concerned that this activity may either by indicative of your user’s password being compromised and your account being used illegally to send spam, or your sending of bulk email which is not compliant with our Quota and Bulk Email policies.

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Dreamhost Support And the usage of RAM/CPU

Unfortunately we cannot make international calls. I have canceled your callback subscription and also the charge. I do apologize for the delay in getting back to you! We had an increase in support volume, which is causing delays in getting back to each request. Sorry about that!

I’m sorry that you are encountering these issues. It would appear that the sites that are running under your users are occasionally hitting our shared server’s memory limits. This is why your site is seemingly slow, and the 500 errors are directly related as well. Here is an excerpt from the log kept by our Process Watcher, the daemon that is killing your troublesome php5.cgi processes:

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